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Well, as you all may have guessed, Steve and Lando's On the Go Web Show will be ending. I'm sorry to say that we didn't even make it 10 episodes before we decided it's too tricky RIGHT NOW. I'm not saying that we won't be back in full force at some point. I can tell you right now that we will be able to do one killer show once Lando and I are closer together and don't have to do this phone call stuff. I'm going to leave this site up because there is a ton of cool stuff on the site, even though a lot of it was current events that aren't so current anymore. We did mention some cool tools and other things to try out.

We just want to thank you guys for listening to our show and showing us that two guys rambling about tech does interest people.

Future plans! I'm planning on releasing a podcast myself involving tech stuff and music, because those two things are my passion. I'll also continue to run my blog, and maybe start a new one that's not so personal. I don't know yet though. My plans usually end at the planning stage :P haha.

Lando is going to be leveling up about 5 more characters to level 60 on WoW, and then dominate the entire land of Azeroth. He's good at that game...I'm jealous.

Once again, thanks for listening to our jibber-jabber over the past few months. We'd just rather stop for now, at least until we can consistently release our show and stop being so sporadic. You'll hear from us again. Later!

- Steve
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3:10 PM

Really sad to see the show end guys. It was great while it lasted!

11:18 PM


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5:56 PM

GAY! When was this decided? x_X

I love being outta the loop ;p    

9:40 AM

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5:38 PM

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