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Pi and CHiPS!

Monday, September 18, 2006
Hey Everybody! It's been a long time I know, but this post is just to let you guys know that I, Steve, have moved on to a brand new podcast! Well...almost new :) . We have 12 Episodes so far and we just keep growing! If you guys liked Steve and Lando's On the Go Web Show, I can guarantee that you will love Pi and Chips. It's all about Tech, Gadgets, and Games on this show. So come by and join us! You'll like it, I promise.

Download My Announcement!


Friday, September 30, 2005
Well, as you all may have guessed, Steve and Lando's On the Go Web Show will be ending. I'm sorry to say that we didn't even make it 10 episodes before we decided it's too tricky RIGHT NOW. I'm not saying that we won't be back in full force at some point. I can tell you right now that we will be able to do one killer show once Lando and I are closer together and don't have to do this phone call stuff. I'm going to leave this site up because there is a ton of cool stuff on the site, even though a lot of it was current events that aren't so current anymore. We did mention some cool tools and other things to try out.

We just want to thank you guys for listening to our show and showing us that two guys rambling about tech does interest people.

Future plans! I'm planning on releasing a podcast myself involving tech stuff and music, because those two things are my passion. I'll also continue to run my blog, and maybe start a new one that's not so personal. I don't know yet though. My plans usually end at the planning stage :P haha.

Lando is going to be leveling up about 5 more characters to level 60 on WoW, and then dominate the entire land of Azeroth. He's good at that game...I'm jealous.

Once again, thanks for listening to our jibber-jabber over the past few months. We'd just rather stop for now, at least until we can consistently release our show and stop being so sporadic. You'll hear from us again. Later!

- Steve

Episode 9

Monday, September 05, 2005
Episode 9 Brings You:

The Return of LANDO
TWiT Episode 21 is Awesome
Fox Releases Star Wars Ep. III on DVD Only
Ballmer throws a chair at F'ing Google
Google set to take over the world
All about Xbox360
Miracle Mice grow back body parts
Real Life AT-ST
Vista Expected to cost $99 Retail
Tor Proxy for Anonymizing your IP
Make Firefox launch as fast as IE
World of Warcraft Patch 1.7 to be released Tuesday
DVD Releases this week
Superman Returns Trailer Hits Net

Running Time: 35:13

Download it Here

Episode 8

Wednesday, August 31, 2005
In this episode:

Special guest co-host Karl!
Red Vs. Blue Season Four Premiere
Steve plays WoW
Karl likes Final Fantasy XI
Google Opens GMail to the Public but only with an SMS cell phone
AMD Knocks Intel on power consumption
ICANN unsure of .XXX domain
Why Women Aren't Gamers
First Look at GoogleTalk
Army Engineers come up with liquid stronger than Kevlar
Podcasts under fire from the RIAA
Charter/Comcast sending emails to copyright violaters
Six Xbox 360 Games we found for launch

Download it here!

Running Time: 39:21

I would prefer you got it with iTunes or another podcatching client so I can track new subscribers, but get it here for simplicity!

The Return

Thursday, August 25, 2005
Hey everybody! Sorry it's been so long since we've had a show. I just wanted to let you all know that Steve and Lando's On the Go Web Show is all but gone, and we are slated to have another show out for you soon. Maybe even this weekend if all goes well.

Thanks for hanging with us and don't give up on us yet! We'll be back riding the airwaves soon.

- Steve

Episode 7

Tuesday, August 02, 2005
Here is Episode 7 for your listening pleasure!

I did have some misinformation in this show about Warcraft. The free trial you get is indeed a free trial for the software, you have to buy the game to get a real key. But that's the only thing really. There's also a few hiccups where somebody decided to pick up the phone and start dialing numbers in the middle of our show...yeah it threw us both off for a minute. That's the consequence for doing this show over the phone.

Vote for Us!
The article in Tallahassee News including us!
Steve plays World of Warcraft - Realm: Firetree Name: Windel
Scotty Dies :(
DARPA Challenge car runs on Mac OS X
V For Vendetta, from the creators of the Matrix, looks freakin' awesome!
Sims 2 content worse than "hot coffee mod"...what?!
Russia's Biggest Spammer was murdered
Windows Longhorn is now Windows Vista
BitTorrent described by university as "Illegal hacking program"
Microsoft denies apple's existence!
Aqua-soft.org for making Windows look like OS X (also see osx-e.com)
Windows Genuine Advantage Cracked - UPDATE: Microsoft fixed it...stupid Microsoft.
New Systm Episode!
Running Time 32:07

Download it Here (right-click, save as..)


Wednesday, July 27, 2005
Subscribing to our podcast is easier than ever now. You can now just click the button on the right for itunes to go to the iTunes page and then click subscribe! You need to have iTunes to do this, obviously, but it is by far the best way especially if you want it without a bunch of extra work. I like iTunes' new podcatching, it works great for subscribing. So get our podcast through there if you are new to this whole deal. Rock on! New show later this week.

- Steve

Of course you can still do Odeo, Podnova, and use the feedburner link for the address for any other podcatching software, but iTunes seemed easiest for most people.